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Promotional CD Covers

Promotional CD Cover Designs

From time to time I like to design CD artwork to test my skills, and to promote myself as a Graphic Designer in the Mixtape / CD / Album Cover industry.

I usually select an artist that has inspired me in one way or another, be it through music or something they have done or whatever.

The main cover which I designed, that actually brought me the most clientele in one hit was the Tinie Tempah – London Times cover I designed.  Everyone just went crazy over it, a lot of people had also hoped it was official (which it is not), and it is actually a cover I recorded myself making, which you can see below (which at the time of posting this post has a total of 10,063 views!! … sorry for having no sound actually one of the first speed edit videos I have done).


From the making of this mixtape promotional cover Tinie Tempah – London Times Tinie Tempah - London Times which I had hoped would have been seen by Tinie as been following his career from early! Who remembers when he always used to say “Bust That Cap!“??

Anyways after the hyped died down from the making of that cover, I decided once again on another artist who had inspired me, and that chosen artist is Skepta, the effect I chose on this was to test out a effect I had seen someone on the internet.  Once again this caused a lot of recognition towards me and my designs, also showing how High Quality images affect the overall design, because as all of us designs know if your working with low res images, it can be annoying! Skepta Ice Cold


My next few chosen artists to design promotional covers for, which in a way are not only to promote a service I am offering, but to also arise awareness towards the person I feature in my designs. This is because I feel that the world should hear their music, if they haven’t done already. So I did one for Ghetts (formally  known as Ghetto), Bashy and Wretch 32.

Ghetts Bashy Wretch32

This is when the most amazing thing happened to me.

Each one of these artists took their own personal time, to check out the artwork and like and comment on social media (happens to be instagram), Ghetts took it one step further and even posted and tagged the picture @SilkyGFX, which to someone who is just coming into the design scene and with me also being a fan of their music, is MASSIVE!!  I felt truly blessed when this happened, and to be honest will not ever forget it.

After a while it became a struggle to design for myself, as clientele was growing a lot, and spare time was a thing of the past, but then some how I managed to spare an hour or so, to make a cover featuring Tech N9ne, and if you haven’t heard of Tech N9ne be sure to give him a music.  Then what shocked me about when I posted this artwork on instagram, is that his actual graphic designer liked my post.  Which yes had me buzzing once again.  TechNine


Most recently, I think was actually last week, I designed a cover featuring Kano.  Now if you haven’t heard of Kano where the hell have you been?? This guy is very talented! and tbh I’m hoping he will be dropped a mixtape or even an album soon.  Kano never actually saw this post, but maybe one day lol.



I think that is about it for now for my Promotional CD Cover Design story.  I will update soon.

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