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Photo Retouching | High Quality | Low Budget | Professional

Photo Retouching

I have been professionally retouching images for many years, not only through working with musicians (on there CD artwork) but various photographers from around the world.  With digital photography such a big element of the world/internet now, my services have helped many photographers, save time in post-production, and do more of what they love, which is taking the photos / doing the photo shoots.

I have the quality and skill to retouch an image without destroying it with blur and smudges.  In face I keep the skin texture intact but still remove unwanted blemishes and smooth the skin, to give the image and model the high quality look it deserves.

Some of the services included are;

  • Photo editing & Cropping.
  • Color correction, white balance, exposure, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
  • Professional portrait editing, skin airbrushing, remove acne or wrinkles, whiten teeth, change eye color, enhance lips.
  • Retouch body, reshape, slim, get rid of tan lines and blemishes.
  • Remove stray hair.
  • Photo montage & manipulation.
  • Background removal and cutout.
  • Wedding photography post production.
  • Nude photo editing.
  • High End beauty & fashion retouching services.

Below you can see some examples of my work.

So now you know the services I do, and the quality I can provide in photo retouching your photos, don’t hesitate in contacting me and let me work on your images.