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Creative Self Portraits

So today I decided to pull my camera out and do a mini photoshoot, here are 3 of the shots which I have created.  In all these shots I used the standard kit lense (yes kit lense lol!) that came with my Nikon D3100.  I also used speed lights in some shots only 1.  I actually took about 40ish pictures when messing around, so don’t be shocked if I end up doing more of these.



First:  Wolverine 

Blades were added in post production.


Second: The Joker

All the make up was done in post production in photoshop, if you would like a tutorial on how to do this, please send me an email.


Third: The Demon

Inspired by the saying “Taste as good as it looks”, so I saw that as a reason to lick my eye… mainly using the Liquify and clone stamp tool here.



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