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How Custom Cartoons Started For Me

Also how I have progressed.

Cartoon designs have become very popular, when I first started them (which is exactly 1 year today!)… Happy Anniversary to me haha.  Anyways I had never thought about them until a client called Rico asked me to design him one using an image of him and friends/family.  Below you can see the result.

First Cartoon (for Rico ChopChopChop)

When I posted this on instagram there was a bit of hype over it, so I thought that I would do some more.


thats when I did cartoons of UK, producer Scampz and also US rapper Mr James aka The Real Bizzy Bee.. then to my surprise I had OGz MC, Desperado message me to design his mixtape cover called Phase One (which I did, and also to design and animate a cartoon for the release).  I was excited and accepted the challenege.

The mixtape cover you can view below;

PhaseOne - Desperado OGz


So once the cover was done, and I started on the video… I was lucky enough to have great support from a friend who got me into the animation side, who is Kirk (aka CavemanKidd), and after a hell of a lot of work, and syncing Desperado’s speech with the custom mouth drawings and character design this is the result;

with Desperado animation I was so hype and put off anymore cartoon work until I found my style then I decided to do a Game Of Thrones series.

Arya : Game Of Thrones 2015Ned Stark : Game Of Thrones 2015Jon Snow : Game Of Thrones 2015Tyrion : Game Of Thrones 2015

As you can see the style totally changed from my first attempts as I went from photoshop to illustrator.  With this technique I didn’t use a pentool like I did with the photoshop versions previous, instead my tool of choice was the blob brush (Shift+B) and this is where I developed a much more unique style.  As you can see the style is consistent here but the base was there.

Now a year on and my cartoons are at a standard I am very proud of, which I will post below.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the history of my cartoon designs, and how it started for me and how it is going.

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